Areas Of Specialism

Although I am experienced in working across a wide range of issues, I have two areas of specialism:

Sexuality and Gender Identity

Working with people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or anywhere on the continuums of sexuality and gender identity. I have trained with Pink Therapy and you can find out more by going to my entry in their Find a Therapist directory at


Working with the impact of trauma using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® which is a mindfulness-based body-focussed approach (this does not include touch). Trauma can be defined as an event, or series of events, in which we felt threatened, overwhelmed and powerless, resulting in a whole array of distressing symptoms such as flashbacks, poor sleep, anxiety or depression, chronic aches and pains, and withdrawal from friends and family. Our bodies hold both the memory of our experiences and the wisdom for healing and transformation.